PC and Hardware

We offer a wide range of products in computer equipment, parts and accessories for all types of needs and platforms, portable personal computers (laptops), desktop (pc), equipment customized for design and entertainment, even equipment for IT infrastructures (servers), of the best brands in the market (HP, Dell, Mac, Samsung, Lenovo and others).

Personal computers

We put at your disposal the best equipment and the best parts of the best brands in the market, for OEM equipment and for those who wish to build their fully customized PC:

- HP.

- Dell.

- Asus.

- MSI.

- Lenovo.


For lovers of Mac equipment and professionals in the area of ​​graphic design we offer the full range of equipment of this company:

- MacBook.

- MacBook Air.

- MacBook Pro.

- iMAC.

- iMAC Pro.

- MAC Pro.

- MAC mini.

IT infrastructure

We put at your disposal all the tools needed to shield your information, data and systems infrastructure, this through the use of Latest technology: VPN, proxis, firewalls and the most powerful antivirus in the market. So you will get the necessary hardware and software to give your business the continuity that needs along with the necessary advice to operate internally.

POS and tax solutions

We offer you all the equipment that you need to install points of sale (POS), regardless of the ruble or commercial sector to which your business belongs, we specialize in businesses of all kinds (retail or wholesalers), so we put at your disposal the best technological tools to increase your sales flow:

- Integrated equipment.

- Touch monitors.

- Fiscal printers.

- Money drawer.

- Bar code readers.

- Magnetic stripe readers.

- Electronic scales.


The most versatile management administrative system for small and medium-sized companies, from the sector commercial or services. It is a powerful tool with the ability to perform billings, inventory work, control of banks, debts, calculation of commissions, quotes, elaboration of delivery notes and orders of purchase. It also has the ability to manage payroll based on models of general accounting. Clearlight allows you to add functionalities, search criteria, filters, custom reports, adapt interfaces and any type of operation, that suits your business.


We carry out the construction of data networks, wired, wireless or hybrid, from the simpler networks from point to point, up the most complex, fulfilling the wiring regulations structured. We also put at your disposal everything you need to expand, improve or maintain your network structure (rack of wall, floor or closed, cable organizers, patch panel, trays, switches, routers, between others).

Security and surveillance

All the necessary equipment to protect your company or business through the most sophisticated surveillance devices of the market: ip surveillance cameras, with motion sensor, for outdoor, type dome, directional, equipment security for income with fingerprint recognition, by pin of security and others, everything you want to protect your assets and resources of your company.